Six steps to develop Website Information Architecture

The term “Information Architecture” or “Website Architecture” is widely used in the web industry. As per the Information Architecture Institute

“Information architecture is about helping people understand their surroundings and find what they are looking for, in the real world as well as online.”

Let’s discuss the real-time scenario to understand the website information architecture, you are designing a new website for your business. The website design agency has discussed the flow of website, it might look like

Regarding the Website Home Page:

Header – Logo & quick call to action button

Top menu – Home | About | Service | Blog | Contact

Secondary menu – Service – Website Design | Web Development | Mobile Application

Banner – There is a 3-4 rotating banner

About the company

Service listing



As a traditional way, website design agency has defined the website flow and architecture and start working on the design project. They have a made a few research on the industry and take a look at modern website design and make your homepage design. Thereafter, the development team is working on the development and provide you the CMS website. That’s it, right?

Now let’s discuss, how the website information architecture work?

Step 1: Understand the Business and Objective

Step 2: Create UX & UI strategy

Step 3: Create Content Strategy

Step 4: Create Prototype and Mapping

Create a meaningful relationship with the pages and content

Step 5:  Project Development

Step 6: Website Testing

So… What Value Do We Provide as a Website Design Company?

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